Matlab: Numerical Problem Solving for Engineers

Matlab based laboratories on the theme of “numerical problem solving for engineers”.

The sample materials (below) were developed for a new module and comprise of a structured set of exercises where students must write code (and perform the associated mathematical analysis) to solve a set of problems (fit a curve to the St Louis arch, investigate how integration can be used to define quantities relating to car-safety, explore the Fibonacci sequence etc).

The materials are not in their final form.

We are currently working to

  • revise them (based on how a review of how the students performed last year)
  • develop some more basic preparatory material (basics of programming – flowcharts etc.)
  • develop online solutions (whereby the student can log in and see a screen capture of how solve the problem)
  • implement these changes using Webwork.

Matlab 1: Plotting functions and fi tting curves to data

Matlab2: Minimisation / Maximisation of functions

Matlab3: Numerical integration

Matlab4: Sequences and Series

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